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Happy Fathers Day

I know I am a few days late, but it took me a hile to figure this out. 

First off, Happy Fathers Day to all you guys out there.  And an even more special Happy day to all you HoPE Dads out there.  Please click on the link below to see the video Maeegan made for me for Fathers Day.  Remember to turn your volume up.

Second, don’t forget that I have the “official” Fishing for HoPE tournament shirts for sale.  They are $15 each and shipping ranges from $5-$10.  Email me at info@fishingforhope.org

ENJOY the video!!!


Good Day

Last thursday I had a few hours between appointments to get to Dennis Pond and try a few.  I went with Dana from Riverview and it was a warm and light wind few hours.  The first one I got was a decent size and grabbed him from the back side of the pads.  The second was small, pulled him from the grass.  And, the third was a big fish for the pond, about 4 pounds, pulled him from the shade infront of a big rock.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE SHIRTS!  Check out the post below.  You can email me for info,   info@fishingforhope.org

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The t-shirts are in.  They came out great!  On the front is the Fishing for HoPE logo and on the back is the Families for HoPE logo surrounded by the tournament sponsors.  Since I did not have the tourney, I will be selling them with the proceeds going to Families for HoPE.    The cost per shirt is $15 plus shipping.  Shipping for 1 shirt is $5 and 2-4 shirts $10.   I have alot of large and X-large.  (June 15th)  I ordered more Meduims and Smalls (I am out) and I will have them by the middle of July.

If you would like to get a shirt(S) you can send a check to:

Fishing for HoPE

44 Madison Ave.

South Yarmouth, MA 02664

or email me at info@fishingforhope.org .

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Now that the tourney has been cancelled, it is time to talk fishing. As most of you know I am doing local fresh water fishing tourneys to help raise money and awareness for HPE.  Over the past months, I have done 4 tourneys. 

  • April- Wequaket Lake in Barnstable…….Was with the Rod Jockeys,I did shitty.  The weather sucked SW wind about 25-30 and the water was cold.  It was a tough day for all. 
  • April- Long Pond Harwich,….my home lake.  With ABA Div.5,  Caught a binch of smallies…..none over 11 inches, finished with no fish.  Was a great day though.  Got to see a bunch of guys and a few asked abouth the tourney and HPE.  It was great to speak with alot of guys about HPE.
  • May-John’s Pond- Sandwich/Mashpee-  With the Rod Jockeys.   Good day.  I only caught one,  landed a buch of shorts.  The one I caught was big, 4.33 lbs. thought I may have the Big Bass of the day……but, BJ beat me by a few ounces.  I wish I had it, but to have some one like BJ beat me was an honor. 
  • June- Long Pond Harwich with the Rod Jockeys,  We all though we would be bed fishing but only a few were on beds.  I spent 7 hours bed fishing and an hour looking deep.  NOTHING! 

I have done spent a few other days on the water just practising.   One day Meggan and I went to Long Pond in Yarmouth.  It was fun caught a few from the trees, Meg was reading.  I asked if she wanted to fish and she said yes.  Big Mistake, she cuaght a monster.  So it was on.  I fired up the livewell and said that we will weigh them at the end.  I only caught one more fish.  We returned to the ramp and weighed them.  Megs fish weighed in at 2.6.  Pretty big fish for that small pond.  My was prett big too.  BUT not big enough!!!!!!!

The next two tourneys are night tourneys, 6 pm- 2am. I have never night fished.  All the guys say it is fun.  So I tried it.  I went to Dennis Pond, a small pond I usedto frequent with my small boat, always good fish there.   I left the house around 7 and started with a top water.  Holy crap, night fishing is fun.  Had a GREAT evening on the water, one of the best!!!!!  I cannot believe how awesome it was after sunset!!!!!  The cove to the south rocked!!!


Unfortunately the Fishing for HoPE tournament has been cancelled.  I have only received a few entrants.  I have ordered the t-shirts and will be selling them with all the procceedes to be donated to Families for HoPE.  Once I receive them I will post pictures and price here. 

I want to thank the bussnesses that donated to the fishing tourney, all of their logo’s are on the back of the shirt:

Riverview Bait and Tackle, StorageMax, Sons of Erin Cape Cod, P.Jacobs Custom Carpentry, Silver Cloud Towing, Norabella Fine Italian Cusine,  RBC Wealth Management, B&L pools, Healy Bros. Construction and Leeside Plastering.

Please check back soon for the t-shirt info. 


On June 11, 2011 there will be a fishing tournament to benefit Families for HoPE, Inc., at Long Pond in Harwich, MA.  Please go to www.familiesforhope.org for more info on this great organization.  Most of you who know me, know my daughter Maeve.  For those whom do not know me, here is a brief  history. 

Maeve was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation 10 weeks before she was born.  Meggan and I were told that with this condition, Holoprosencephaly (HPE), Maeve would not survive  long, if she made it past her birth.  We were told that if she did survive, to take each and every moment with her as it may be our last, she would have many, many medical issues, one being that she would be blind.  Meggan and I were devastated  and, prepared for the worst.  At the hospital on October 18, 2007, Maeve’s birth, we had a very close  friend, Deacon Dave Akin, who was there to be with us spiritually and to perform a baptism on Maeve at her time of birth.  He was waiting outside the OR  incase Maeve  needed him quickly.  We had made arrangements with the NICU staff to take care of  Maeve, we met them many times prior to her birth date.  We became very close with a few nurses, who were comforting us and giving us something we took somewhat for granted, HOPE.

At 10:08 am Maeve was born, Happy and healthy!  We have a picture of Meggan kissing Maeve  minutes after, and Maeves eyes are wide open, looking at her mother.

Three plus years later, Maeve is doing well. She does have  her share of medical issues, but it is something we have become accustom to dealing with.  We have become very fluent in medical terminology and definitions.  We (mostly Maeve) is a very good teacher of HPE.  Most doctors are overwhelmed by the knowledge we have.

When Maeve was born, we registered with an organization called, Families for HoPE.  Families for HoPE  is a nonprofit organization to support, educate and encourage those affected by HPE.  In July of 2010, Meggan, Maeve, Nurse Julie and I took a road trip to Bethesda, MD to go to the National Institute of Health for a conference held by Families for HoPE.  We met the MOST remarkable folks who all are dealing with HPE.  I truly  felt blessed to have  gone and have met these wonderful folks I now call, MY FAMILY. 

If you would like an entry form or more info, PLEASE email me at info@fishingforhope.org  I will be checking my email daily and send it right out to you. 

So please check out the Families for HoPE website.


Opening Day

Today, March 11 was the first tourney of the 2011 season, at Billington Sea in Plymouth.  The past few days here were in the 50’s.  Today’s forcast was for the temps to be in the low 40’s and a strong north east wind.  I prefished Billington Sea last tuesday with Vern (the fishing machine) and we both got skunked.  I left home around 515 to get to Plymouth by 615.  On my way up, heading up Rt.3 at a good clip, a truck passed me. As I looked out my window, I noticed this truck was littered with “Gulf Oil” logos.  Then, the boat he was hauling came by, that too matched the truck.  I thought to myself, I HoPE this guy isn’t heading to the same tourney.  He was.  Turns out, it was Bass Master Elite Series Pro, Byron “BJ” Haseotes.  It was an honor to meet and fish with him, he has and still is fishing with the greats and, he is truely a nice guy.

Any how, when I got to the ramp, the temerature was 52 and no wind.  But it was still early.  The tourney started and I headed right to the same spot Vern and I got a few good hits.  I fished the area for about an hour, nothing.  Then the temperature dropped and the wind started blowing about 15.  I made my way into a small cove out of the wind to get warm.  As I got up on the bow and dropped the trolling motor, I saw the most amazing site.  A school of very big Largies swam by.  My heart raced as I stumbled for a rod.  I stayed with the school for awhile with no intrest.  I moved around the cove and caught a few that were undersize.  I spent the next 4 hours in that cove watching these big fish look at my lure then swim away.  I threw every thing I had, I even broke out my two back up rods.  I then moved to another cove.  I fished a few rock piles on my way, with nothing.  The next cove had no signs of fish, so I motored to the other side of the lake.  I only spent about an hour there, the wind was whipping and the temp was in the mid 30’s.  I decided to go back to my the cove that I saw all the fish in.  I spent the last hour and a half there with no luck.  Over all I caught 8 Large Mouth and one Pickrel.  The biggest Large Mouth was just under 12″, the limit.  So I weighed no fish today.  But, it was nice to get out and work out all the bugs.

Billington Sea is a great place.  On Tuesday when I prefished, eventhough we caught nothing, Vern and I saw a few Bald Eagles.  What a site.

The next tournament is April 10 at Wequaket Lake.

the Beginning

Today, March 8, I went fishing for the first time since the ice has melted.  I went to Santuit pond to practice for a tourney on MArch 19th with the Rod Jockeys.  I did not do well.  It was the first time I have ever seen this place.  I met up with a fellow Rod Jockey, Vern.  He is a great fisherman.  He has won many awards.  I fished by myself and Vern was with his partner.  They did well.  I think I just need to get more patient witht the cold temperatures.  The water ranged between 38 and 43 degrees.  The fish are really slow this time of year.  It was nice to get out to get all the buggs figured out on the boat.  So, next week I will be going back to Santuit for a final “practice” with Vern and maybe he can show me a thing or two. 

Check back next week to see how I did.

For the Fishing for HoPE tournement, I am attempting to get the insurance and dates figured out.  HoPEfully I will know more later this week.  I HoPE the insurance comes through.  If not, the tounrnament will have to be cancleded.  The dates I am looking for are June 11th, or some time in April or early May.  I am still looking for sponsors to help with the cost of t-shirtsa nd the insurance.  I am looking at a hefty bill for both. If anyone maybe or knows of any possibe sponsors, PLEASE email me at info@fishingforhope.org


I am getting near to the “official” announcement for the tournament.  Please check back here to see when it is announced.  I expect to have the posters up by this weekend and have the entry forms avaliable here on the site for all to download, print and send in.  I am HoPing to get all 40 spots filled quickly. 

On another note, it is getting warmer, and the ice is melting.  I am counting the days til I get out on the water. My first tournament is March 19th., if the ice melts.  It’s in Plymouth, and I am being told they still have 7+ inches of ice on the ponds.  So, lets all HoPE for warm weather.


Today I was notified that the permit for the tournament has been APPROVED!!!!  May 28, 2011 will be the day.  It is the saturday of memorial Day weekend, so I HoPE alot of people can still make it.  It maybe a nice excuse for those to bring the family to the Cape for the weekend, and you get a great day and a GREAT place to fish, and help support a even GREATER organization.  I am currently waiting the logo design from Kaleidoscope Imprints who will be making the shirts.  Once I get that I will make the “official” announcement and start sending out entry forms.  It looks like I need to up the maximum amount of boats.  I have had a great responce from fishermen from around New England who want to fish the tourney. I still have to let the folks from the ABA and the Rod Jockeys know, these are the guys I fish the local tourneys with, and I want them to have a chance to get in.

I am HoPEing for a great tournout and an even GREATER day on the water.  I will keep everone posted.


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