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Big Bass

This past Saturday, April 28th., we had a tourney on Sampsons Pond in Carver.  It was a cold start to the day, when I left home at 445 it was 31.  The forecast was highs in the upper 50’s with a NE wind 17.  So I knew it was gonna be a cold one.  Got to the ramp and it was 38, warming up, there was no wind.  As we were waiting to go, Vern and I were watching some big fish chasing the bait fish just off the ramp.  I decided to check them out when I left.  I left 4th and went right over to them.  I threw a top water then switched to a rubber worm, no luck.  I decided to move around the corner into a small cove out of the wind, it was starting to blow.  Most of the guys were fishing the rocks in the middle, to cold for me, I already had my winter hat and gloves on.  I came across a cow sitting on a bed.  So, I started bed fishing, something I enjoy.  I fished for her for about 50 minutes, she wasn’t interested.  I was going through every lure in my boat.  I finally pissed her off and she grabbed.  She was a “biggen”.  I moved along the shore making casts.  Got 3 pickerel and 2 short Largies.  I came across another cow on a bed. I threw everything at her.  She would look at it and swim off.  I worked her for almost 2 hours, when I decided to leave her and come back later.  It was now about noon time, and the weigh in was at 3.  So I moved out to the rocks and shore line around them.  Had a few small Largies and a few good hits, but no keepers.  I moved back to that cow, hoping no one had grabber her.  She was there!  I made up some crazy rigs, something diffrent and tossed them at her.  I was starting to get her mad after 40 minutes or so.  I was even able to wrap her in the line and that really pissed her off.  She finally had enough of me and took the bait!  She was a hog.  It was now 230 time to find more, quick.  I started back towards the ramp, got a few more shorts and went to the weigh in with the 2.  George took 1st with 5 fish at 10.37 pounds, Vern took 2nd with 5 fish at 10.12 pounds and Teddy took 3rd with 5 fish at 9.69 pounds.  I finished 5th with 6.72 pounds and won Big Bass with a 3.88 Largie.

Check out the story and pictures on the Rod Jockyeys link on the top of the page.  Next tourney May 19th at Santuit!!!!!


Had a few hours to do some fishing so I stayed local and went to Dennis Pond in Y-Port.  It was a nice warm day, in the 60’s with little wind.  I headed right out to the little cove on the south end and there were alot of beds with Largies sitting on them.  On the second cast, BAM!  A good size 2 pounder, the camera wasn’t behaving so no pic…….I stayed in the cove for about an hour trying to get them to bite from the beds, with no luck.  I moved into deeper water and caught 2 Largies noth under 2 lbs.  I then went back into the cove and worked on 3 beds with some good Largies on them.  I spent about 45 minutes working them with everything I had on the boat.  I was able to get 2 out of 3 of them, a 2.8 and a 4.6……….

Getting ready for the Rod Jockeys tourney on April 28th……..

Check out the 2 new links, RIVERVIEW BAIT AND TACKLE and, OFF THE HOOK FISHING.  Off the hook is a web site of a freind of mine, Roy Leyva, one of the best all around fisherman I have ever met!!!!!!

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2012 Has begun

This past Saturday, March 17th, the season begun.  YES, it was St. Patricks Day, and we were asking for some pints at the launch at 6:30 am.  We were at Great Herring Lake in Plymouth.  The forcast was for light NW winds and warming to the high 50’s.  It was in the lower 40’s, and overcast at the start, kinda chilly, we had 12 entries.  I had Charlie (Shorty) with me and we started at the far end of the lake.  We spent almost 2 hours up there with only me getting a pickrel and both of us having a few nibbles.  We then moved to a cove in the middle of the lake to fish the flats/ledges. NOTHING……..  Then we moved to a rocky point looking for some smallies.  We each had a few small hits, and Shorty finally hooked one.  A small largie.  We worked our way back down the lake, looking for anything.  The wind started picking up to about 12 out of the north, and the clouds were still there.  At around 1 o’clock we decided to move back to were we started.  The sun finnally broke around 230 and the fish started eating.  I ended up with 2 and Shorty landed one.  I finished 5th for the day.  Not a bad start to the season………..

The pictures are of: the start of the day, notice the overcast. BJ landing one, and he took 1st place, and of me at the weigh-in.

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Well, 2011 is gone….  I did ok this year for fishing.  The most memerable was being at Give Kids the World on Maeve’s Make A Wish trip.  The fish were small, but they were pleny of them.  Also, Dan and I did the Barnicle tourney to  benefit the Dana Farber.  We finished 17th out of 43 entries with Dan 4 pounder.

Check out my quick video………….



Make a Wish

On October 19th, the day after Maeve’s 4th birthday, we went to Florida on a Make a Wish trip.  WOW is all we have to say.  It was Maeve, myself, Meggan and Maeve’s nurse Katie.  We stayed at a a great place called Give Kids the World.  A special place for wish children and families.  What a great place!!  All of the room, villas, are handicap accessable and so is the rest of the resort.  They have some real magical things there for the kids.  They even have a small pond for fishing, and yes I sent a few rod/reels down.  Both Meggan and I are still in awe of Give Kids the World and ALL the volunteers who give their time to these special kids.  I can go on and on about Give Kids the World.

I was able to get some fishing in.  I did catch a few, seems as they cull out the bigger Bass, all I was able to get was some rats, 10-14 inch.  But it was fun.  I was able to speak with alot of the folks who were there from around the world.  I met this one little guy named Ayden.  He was there with his family from Edmonton, Canada.  He watched me fish as I was talking with is Grandfather Tim.  Everytime I would bring my lure in he would ask  “got a fish?”.  I made a ton of cast, and with every retreive, I had to answer Ayden, “no, nothing this time”.  Finally, I got one,  Ayden was so excited.  Check out the picture of he and I with the big 10 incher.  The rest of the pictures are of us at Give Kids the World and Disney.  Enjoy, we did.

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On October 16th I fished a great tourney with Dan.  It was the 19th Joseph H. Barnicle Jr., Invitational Jimmy Fund tourney.  We were at Mashpee-Wakeby.  It was a windy cool October day.  There were 41 teams involved.  We started the morning in “Pickerel Cove”.  I had done well there  the past few weeks, but we got nothing.  We fished it from 730 to 1030.  We then headed to the western shore, out of the wind and fished the 6-8 foot mark.  I landed a small 13 incher to get us started.  Dan then threw to the same area and grabbed this nice 4 pounder.  I was able to grab another 14 incher.  We fished that area until about 1230 and headed to the back side of the lake.  We got skunked.  We fished a few other spots before heading back to the spot we caught the 3.  We stayed until weigh in time, 330 and got nothing.  We weighted in 3 fish, 6.28 lbs, finishing 17th overall.  Please look below this picture for a link to a story about Maeve!!

Also, please check out this link to a story about Maeve!!!

Lucky 13

Well it has been done……..13 years ago My buddy Dan aka “Stick”was getting married.  I was his best man and incharge of the bacholor party.  We, me aka “Baby George”, Kevin aka “Stump”, Chris aka “Tank”, Scott aka “Grub” and Dave aka “Log”,  decided to take a trip out to western mass with 4 other guys to do some fishing.  Short story, it was a drunken blast.  I don’t remember if any of us caught a fish, but it was so fun, Stump (Sticks brother inlaw) vowed he will set it up for us the following year……..  Well it is now 13 years later and we did it, finally.

We ventured out to Upton Ma, Lake Maspenock. I could not find much info about this lake online, but what I did find were a few good fishing reports.  We left the Cape on Friday at noon.  Tank left his house in upstate NY in the morning.  We met up at Bass Pro Shops and started ourreunion off at the bar in Bass Pro.  We had only 1 or 2, then went shopping.  We made it to the house by 4 pm and launched the boats.  There was a water leak in the house so we didn’t get to fish right away ( I did, I could not wait).

Me and Stump and Stick and Tank hit the water around 5.  Grub stayed behind to try and fix the leak, thanks Grub! Stump and I were getting a bunch of hits but did not land any.  Stick sent me a text from the other side of the lake, and Tank had already landed a few, including an estimated 2+.  We returned to the house around 730.  We had dinner and with the lake and boats just steps away, we had to do some nigh fishing.  I fish til about 1 am and decided it was time for bed, big day in the morning.  I was up before the sun itching to go.  I finally got up around 530 and said screw it, I’m going.  I tip toed through the house not to wake anyone, and got underway.

I decided to fish the shallows close to the house to see if there were any Largies still feeding.  I fished the docks for about 2 hours.  I was lucky enough to find a 2.86 under a boat lift.  Just as I landed it Stump texted me and ask what was for breakfast,  I returned to the house to show off my biggun.  We had breakfast, and off we went.  I was landing shorties all day, and Stump was only landing sunfish.  We spoke with Grub and he told us of 2 Smallies he had landed.  Tank, of coarse was doing well, and Stick landed a decent Pike.  It was a great day on the water eventhough we didn’t get alot.  We got back to the house around 6 and went food shopping.  The guys all got steaks and I, hot dogs, what else… We started the charcol grill and made some good eats.  The guys wanted to watch the race and so did I, but with the lake right there I had to try my luck again.  I fished til about 11 and called it a night.

The next morning I was up and underway by 7.  I picked up Stump around 8 and we all decided to be back by noon so we can clean up and go home.  Stump again was killing the sunfish and I landed 2 keepers.  Tank and Stick did well too.

All in all we had a great weekend, and I HoPE it isn’t another 13 years before we do it again.

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Went today for a while……Johns Pond in Mashpee.  Was a nice day, 70+ north wind about 15 or so.  Did pretty well, caught a bunch of ratts and boated 3 over 14″.  I did have a chance to meet a rather interseting fellow in the cove where the canal runs into the back lake.  He was nice enough to through sticks toward me so his rather large german shepard chased them into the water.  I asked this nice fellow if he had a problem with me fishing his dock ( I was 30 feet or so from it).  He told me “yeah I do, you have 377 more acres to fish, get outof here”.  I continued to fish his dock and he continued to harrass me.  So I called him on it.  I told him that sportsman harrassment is against the law and he wanted to fight.  He called me over to his dock and said” I will show you about that” as he clenched his hammer in his hands.  I left the area so I didn’t do anything stupid.  I did get his registration # and his boat currently has an expired registration.  Oh well…………….he will get his!

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This week

This past week I had a few days off and took advantage!  On the 23rd I wnet to a lake I have never even seen, Peters Pond.  The day was hot, 85+ with light south west wind, 10 mph.  Being that I have never fished, nor read anything about fishing here, I was poking and hoping.  It was awhile before I got even a nibble.  Then I started hooking up with some small “rats”, 8-11 inchers.  Well atleast I knew there were some fish here.  Then, over in a corner I hooked up with a healthy 14″ 1.8 pounder.  I fished that area for awhile with no more bites.  Moved along the eastern shore, fished a few docks and grabbed another 12+” 1.4 pounds.  Around 11 or so it died off, and the search was on.  I fished most of the docks and laydowns on the northern end, and even went deep with no luck.  So I decided to move to the south end.  Same story there.  I was getting ready to call it with the 2 and decided to fish this long dock with a few boats on it.  First cast, between the dock and a boat I got a big hit.  Threw back immediately and WHAM!   Landed her, 17+” 3.9 pounds.  The picture I took is blurry because she was shaking all over and got the camera wet.  All in all not a bad few hours on Peters Pond.

On the 25th I was not sure where to go.  I ended up at Santuit Pond, always a good spot.  With hurricane Irene a few days away I was unsure what this would do to the fishing.  I arrived to find white caps with winds south west 20+ gusting to about 30.  So I headed out.  Hit the areas I usually get some lunkers from with no luck.  Then I headed to the stump pile and it was hard to keep the boat anywhere near it with the wind pushing me all over.  I fought the trolling motor for about 20 minutes and decided to move to some sheltered water.  I hit the south end and fishe the pads and lay downs with some luck.  But none of them were big, all under 12″.  I fished that area for another hour or so and moved to an area I have grabbed a few from in the past.  There were two guys on another boat fishing ahead of me.  I threw under the first dock and WHAM.  She was 15″ and 1.14 pounds. Not that big but she will keep.  When I caught her, one of the guys on the other boat seemed to be mad, as he was going for her, but they were fishing about 200 yards infront of me.  I proceeded to move around the cove 200-300 yards behind them.  I was catching up to them and did not want to crowd them so I decided to move around them to the next cove.  Not any docks, but alot of laydowns and grass beds.  I threw to a laydown with a grass bed just off it and grabbed another, 15+” 1.3 pounds.  I then moved up about 30 feet to another laydown with some pads and grabbed another, 17″ 2.6 pounds.  That was enought for me and called it.

Do not forget, t-shirts are still for sale!!!!!  Contact me if you want any, info@fishingforhope.org

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Oh Well

Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I last posted.  Things are well.  Maeve is doing well, she is getting big.  She finished “summer school” last week.  We have been busy.  Meg started part time, nights at CCH in the ER back in July, Maeve has been doing well with school and in her theropies, and I have been busy with work, Families for HoPE stuff and FISHING.  I am on the Conference committee for the 2012 Families for HoPE conference to be held in North Carolina next July.  I have been busy trying to raise money to help fund the conference.  One thing I am doing is, throughout the month of August I am selling the Fishing for HoPE t-shirts for $15 each.  Please help raise funds for this great conference.  Contact me at info@fishingforhope.org to get one of these really great shirts.  As for fishing, I have been all over SE Mass in the past month, trying new lakes.  I always seem to end up back here on the Cape.  Santuit Pond in Mashpee has been great.  Check out the pictures. 

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