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Fishing for HoPE 2013 results

The day started off early, I left my house at 3:45 AM to pick up Vern and get to Sampsons Pond in Carver.  We had 16 boats say they will be there, but I was still uncertian if they will actually come.  As we pulled to the ramp at 4:45, there were boats already being launched!  We all met up at the Town Beach at 6 to get registration done, hand out t-shirts, and do a 50/50.  When all said and done we had 18 boats!  The weather was a crisp 46 degrees with a sustained NE wind about 18 kts. with heavy overcast skies.  It was COLD!  At 7 we started the tourney.  The bite was hit or miss.  I saw a few boats on the fish some landing some pigs, and others not landing much at all.  That was how Vern’s and my day was.  We had a tough bite, only getting some rats.  As the day progressed, the sun peaked out a few times.  At 1 Pm the festivities began on the beach.  We had a bouncy house, a bake sale, Moore Dog’s was there selling hotdogs and cheesburgers, MGC Bait and Tackle donated rods/reels and worms for the kids to have a fishing derby, a raffle with some great equipment and a live band that sounded awesome on the water.  It was nice to fish and hear live music in the distance.   The scale opened at 3 PM and the crowd on the beach really enjoyed the weigh-in. We had a total of 72 fish brought to the scale with a total of 135.86 pounds. Here are the results.

  1. Tom Webber/Mark Welch              16.50 lbs
  2. Pat Hannon/Scott Studley               13.35 lbs with the LUNKER of 5.88 lbs!
  3. George Smith/Russ Kleekamp       12.28 lbs
  4. Jay Guidaboni/Colin Walker            12.13 lbs
  5. Pete De Mayo/Ryan Kempton         12.06
  6. Dave Wojcik/Tom Butterfeild           9.32 lbs
  7. Matt “Z”/Steve Lavalle                       9.12 lbs
  8. Andrew Amaimo/Kevin Murray       8.92 lbs
  9. Deron Nicholas/Dave Hawkes          8.06 lbs
  10. Jimmy Riley/Charlie Lewis                 7.40 lbs
  11. Rick Farrar/Gerard Terril                   6.18 lbs
  12. Steve Ayala                                           5.97 lbs
  13. Steve Hall/Nathan Hall                       5.43 lbs
  14. Ed Tierney/Vern Santos                     4.75 lbs
  15. Scott Bernier/Barry Camara              4.39 lbs
  16. Chuck Hackett/Andrew Johnson
  17. Larry Ferreria/Al Medieros
  18. Jeff Marcotte/Anthony Danardi

The event was a success!  I’d like to thank all who helped put it together: Dave Wojcik, Tom Butterfeild, Mark Welch, Deron Lane Nicholas, Ryan Fontain, Jay Guidaboni, Neil Dootson AND our MC/Winner Tom Webber!  With out you guys this never would have happened. For more information on Holoprosencephaly, goto www.familiesforhope.org


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