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On October 13, 2013 there will be a benefit tourney at Sampsons Pond, Carver Ma.  The tourney will be raising money for Families for HoPE, Inc.,  a non profit group made up of parents who have children with Holoprosencephaly (HPE), a rare brain malformation. Tourney entry is $100 per team with an 80% payback!   Trophies for the top 4 teams and lunker, 50/50, fishing gear raffles, a country and western band, bouncy house for the kids, food and fun fishing for the kids.  The tournament starts at 7 Am and the public weigh in is at 1 PM. All participants will get a t-shirt.


For more info on HPE please go to www.familiesforhope.org.  Ed Tierney, a member of the Rod Jockeys daughter Maeve has HPE, and Families for HoPE has helped his family greatly over the past 6 years. 


For more info on Ed and Maeve go to www.fishingforhope.org.


For an entry form please email Deron at ltdbaits@gmail.com or Ed at info@fishingforhope.org.


Registration deadline is Monday October 6th.  So get those entry forms, checks and proof of insurance in ASAP.



Ok, here is an update……….The Long Pond Harwich tourney was cancelled an hour befor it ended.  It was a night tourney and the weather was crap.  Blowing 25-30 with storms getting close.  We started at 5 pm and agreed that if the storm moved in, we’d quit and try again at a later date.  Well, it was a tough bite most of the night.  Around 930 pm we started to see lightning, but nobody was ready to give up.  I was getting ready to throw the “kitchen sink” because I couldn’t even get a nibble.  Around 10 I grabbed a nice 3.84 smallie.  But the thunder and lightning was getting bad!  They called the tourney at 1045 and decided to just do “lunker” , no points.  I thought I had a chance with this decent smallie.  I pulled it out of the live well when one of the other guys laughed and said “mine eats yours for a snack”.  Well, he weighed a 5.33 Smallie, a COW!  So I have been doing some fun fishing locally and have been doing well.

On Labor Day Vern and I fished a Cran Bog Hogs team tourney at Tispaquin Lake in Middleboro.  We had to get there early, so we left at 3 am……… The morning was tough.  There was a storm moving close and thunder and lightning off in the distance.  Vern grabbed a nice 3.5 right of the bat.  Then the rain started.  I think we got 3 inches of rain in 2 hours.  As the rain slowed I grabbed a monster.  she was a 4.98 pounder at the scale, but she was bigger when we put her in the live well, she pucked up a bunch of food……  Vern then got another 4 +, and now we were in the game.  We kept waiting for the sun to come out to turn the bite on (and dry us off) but it never did.  We moved to the other side of the lake and Vern pulled out another 2.5 pounder.  I then grabbed a 4+ from the pads.  We moved back to where we started.  WVern got #5 that was tiny, a rat 1 pounder.  We grabbed a bunch more and culled a few times, but nothing of any decent size.  At hi noon, the guy fishing near us landed one of the biggest largies I have ever seen, but Vern was convinced ours was bigger.  At 1230 we headed to the scales.  We weighed 5 fish for 15.62 pounds.  Our lunker came in at 4.98, and we held on to both first place and lunker until the second to last boat weighed a 7.09 lunker.  Oh, well………Vern and I took 1st place overall!!!!!!!   We beat the second place boat by only a pound.  This is my first 1st place, and it was great.

Don’t forget that the Fishing for HoPE tourney is still on, October 13th at Sampsons in Carver.  I have posted a picture of what the t-shirt will look like.  The pictures from our first place are comming………..

Dennis Pnd Largie LP Yarm largie shirt LP Harwich 4# smallie