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AHH, thats a sigh…… Last weekend we had a Rod Jockey’s meeting and the Fishing for HoPE tourney was brought up.  Thankfully with the support of all the Rod Jockey’s,I am now putting together the Fishing for HoPE tournament to be held in the early fall of 2013.  This tourney is to raise money for Families for HoPE, and raise awarness of HoloProsEncephally (HPE).  I will keep everyone posted on this! 

I was looking at some of my older posts, and want to reshare a few things with all of you.  Please take a few minutes to check them out.  One is a news paper article from just before Maeves 4th birthday.  The second is a quick video that was made by Meggan for me on Fathers Day. Turn your volume up.


Disney Bound

2012 in review

Well…….sorry this took so long!!!!  The 2012 season was a lot of fun, I will recap it the best I can….

The season started on St. Patrick’s Day at Great Herring in Plymouth.  It was a cold windy day and I was able to finish 5th at a lake I had only fished once before.  The next tourney was at Sampsons in Plymouth at the end of April.  It was a bedding tourney and I wasted a lot of time on a few fish.  But I was able to take 5th again and I won Big Bass with a 3.88 pounder.  Then it was off to one of the best lakes on Cape (for me), Santuit in Mashpee in the middle of May.  Once again I took 5th.  I think 80% of the guys got a limit.  I had my limit within the first 2 ½ hours and culled the rest of the day.  After the tourney, I was in 3rd place in the overall standings!  In June we were at Johns Pond in Falmouth.  I wish I could do this one again.  I lost a decent fish because I got too excited.  I ended up the day in 7th, and moved to 4th overall……  I missed the July tourney for a good reason.  We went to Concord NC for the 2012 Families for HoPE conference. Missing the July tourney moved me into 5th overall only 4 points from 4th.  In August we fished Ashumet Pond in Falmouth, a night tourney.  I am still getting use to fishing in the dark of night.  I pulled 3rd place by catching a monster with an hour to go, a 4.08 pounder.  With this 3rd place finish, moved me back to 3rd overall and a chance to go to Western Mass to fish the club vs. club.  Me, Teddy, Vern and Russ made our way to the Oxbow (CT River) on Sept 7th to fish the club vs. club.  We spent that day pre fishing.  Vern was with me and we crushed them.  I have never caught so many fish in a 9 hour period.  The day was sunny and hot.  Between all of us we figured we figured this place out.  The next morning it was cool, overcast/rain and windy.  Vern and I head right to the spot we did very well less than 14 hours earlier.  It was a tough day to say the least.  The rain got heavier and the fishing got harder.  We ended the day with a limit and took 4th place.  It was a great experience!  At the end of September we were at Johns Pond.  It was a decent day.  I took 5th and moved to 5th in the overall standings.  The 2012 season ended at Great Herring…….This was a tough day for me!  I was only able to grab one fish at 3.36 pounds and dropped in the final standings to 6th.

All in all, this past year was a great fishing year for me.  Looking forward to 2013…………

G-H_3-2012_5thSampsons Big BassRJ-SantuitJohns 6-16