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Long Time……

I know its been a while, but I have been busy.  Just after the tourney in June, I became very busy with work and Families for HoPE conference stuff, and getting ready to receive our new patrol boat.  SO…….I didn’t fish for over a month.

Me, Meggan, Maeve, my Mom, my Dad and Maeves nurse all went to NC in late July.  My Dad and I drove down on July 18 to help get ready for the conference.  Meggan, Maeve, my Mom and the nurse flew in on the 21st for the conference.  The 2012 Families for HoPE conference, “Sharing the HoPE in HoloProsEncephaly” was AWESOME!!!!!!!! We met a lot of family members we never met and was able to catch up with those we have met before.  It was truly both an honor and blessing to be involved with the conference.

My Dad and I returned on July 28th, and I flew out to Seattle to do training on the new boat.  The Department received a Home Land Security grant to purchase the 29′ SAFE Boat.  What a GREAT boat!!!

Now to fishing!!!!!!! After the June tourney I was in 4ht place overall, and missed the July tourney which moved me into 5th, 6 points out of 4th.  The top 4 after the August tourney go to the State “Club vs. Club” tourney in September.  So I needed to do good in August.  Last weekend the tourney was at Ashumet Pond in Falmouth, it was a night tourney 6pm-2am.  It had rained pretty much all day of the tourney, and at 6pm it was still overcast.  I started out at the only place I had caught fish in the past, and BJ was there too.  We spent about 20 minutes there with nothing for both of us.  I decided to run across the lake to fish the docks before it got to dark.  After a few casts I pulled a 2 pound smallie from the docks.  Not bad……..Then it got dark, and foggy.  The bite seemed to die off.  I moved around the lake trying to find even a nibble.  I went to the rock pile and got a huge hit.  I fished that area until about 10pm.  I went back to where I started and grabbed a 1.5 pound largie from a ledge.  So, it was now around 1130 and had 2.5 hours to get 3 more……My chances of making the top 4 were dwindling……..  I then decided to fish the trees along the same shore line.  Around 1250am I made a cast deep into the trees,and thought I would get hung up, then my line went tight and I felt the pull.  BOOM, 4+ pound largie, GAME ON!  I now have an hour to get 2 more.  One of the other guys who was in the race for the 4th position had been fishing the same area for hours, he was on the fish.  So I thought….  2 am came quick and I thought I was out……….I only had 3 fish……….First place went to Teddy with 5 fish 15.91, BJ took 2nd with 3 fish 8.22 and I took 3rd with 3 fish 7.91!!!!!!!  I am now in 3rd place in the overall standings and going to the “Club vs. Club” on September 8th at Oxbow in western Mass.  Rod Jockeys website  http://www.eteamz.com/RodJockeys/

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