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Here is a little story about a sweetlittle girl, Marissa who has the same condition Maeve has, HPE.  Marissa HPE is not as servere as Maeves, but non the less, Marissa, her mother Molly and her father Jason are all a big part of our lives and deal with the same issues we deal with.  We met them at the 2010 Families for HoPE conference in MD, and think of them alot.  We are excited that we will be seeing them (and the rest of our family) at this years conference in NC on July 22nd……………….So with out any delay……here is the story written by her mother, Molly. (notice the Fishing for HoPE shirt Molly is wearing, WAY out on the other side of the country)


Marissa 4 years old, who has Septopreoptic Holoprosencephaly went on her first fishing derby at Merwin Hatchery in Woodland, Washington this weekend. It was called Merwin Special Kids Fishing Derby. All the kids had some kind of disabilities. It was so great for the kids, teen and adults to get out and fish. The laughter and smiles from each one catching and bring their fish in was amazing. Each family got to keep 5 trout. Marissa got 1- 23 inches 6 pounds 8 oz, 2-21 inches, 1-20 inches and 1-15 inches. Each family had a volunteer to help them bait, cast out and land the fish. Once our volunteer got a fish he would hand the pole to Marissa and I so we could bring the fish in. Marissa loved all the attention and had a great time watching all the action. Marissa also was not scared of touching the fish. This was a fishing trip I know that I will remember for a long time. Can’t wait to go back and do it next year.


Some of those trout would be pin fish here in MA!!!!! We are very proud of you Marissa!!!! We love and miss you!

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