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Johns Pond 6-16

Fished the ROD JOCKEYS tourney this past Saturday at Johns Pond in Falmouth.  The day was cool the mid 60’s with a srong NE wind around 15 and overcast.  Shorty and I headed right out to the back pond, figuring that if they were feeding in there, we could land a few.  We spent about 90 minutes up there with only me getting a small one……… Then we moved out to the main lake.  I was able to grab a decent one from a dock then it seemed to die off.  We were waiting for the sun to break to get the fish movin……….it never really did.  Shorty was able to grab one around 10:00.  We moved around the lake fishing 10 feet or less.  We saw alot of fish, BUT they were not interested in what we were offering.  Around noon time we came across a COW! We both threw everything we had at her………She was cruising a small 30 foot area, back and forth.  We were very patient, just letting her do what she wanted.  Shorty threw to her, and she tapped it a few times, so I threw right next to her.  I could not see her, but Shorty could.  He was telling me when to move and when to let it sit.  She finally grabbed it.  I set the hook and Shorty started to grab the net.  As I brought her to the surface, I noticed she was barely hooked.  I had her in my hand and she shook the hook.  Teddy B. was right next to us, and he saw her……….she was a decent 3.5-4 lbs.  I immediately threw back, but she was not interested.  So we left her.  We fished for another hour and headed back to see if she was still there.  She was, this time her man was with her.  He was good size too.  We figured they were getting ready to bed up.  Yeah, they are late.  She seemed to be clearing an area.  We fished for her for a while, and she kept spooking.  The male dissapeared quickly.   The sun was out, so we headed to the back pond again, to see if they were active.  We decided to fish the pads.  We were not getting any hits, and were getting ready to leave.  I tossed my lure to the corner of a dock on the inside of the pads.  Let it sit for a few minutes, and wham!  She broke the surfayce and she was a solid 3.5 pounds or better.  I tried to keep her away from the pads, but she was strong, taking alot of line and headed right into the pads.  I moved the boat closer and got her to about 6 feet from the boat.  She wrapped the line around the pads and was able to spit the hook.    We moved on………with a frown on my face.  I grabbed another small one on the way out of the back pond.  So I finished the day with 3 fish…….coulda been 5 if I was fishing with my head screwed on………I came in 7th. but still hold my place in the overall standings, 3rd.  Unfortunately I will not make the next tourney in July, so I will fall in the overall standings…………