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Santuit Pond 5-19

This past Saturday we had a Rod Jockeys tourney at my favorite lake, Santuit.  I have always done well there.  I pre fished it last week and cuaght 11 keepers in 90 minutes. I knew the tourney would be very competitive.  I picked up Shorty around 530 and made it to the lake by 545.  We drew the #6 slot and got underway right at 7 am.  We went right to the spot I alwasy catch some, and had a keeper on the boat by 730.  By 930 I had my limit and now on the prowl for some bigger ones to cull out the smaller ones.  The 5 I had onboard ranged from 14″-16″, all between 2 and 2.5 pounds.  Shorty had alot of bites but still didn’t land any.  Around 11 he started landing some keepers.  Between 930 and about 1, I culled 3 of the smaller ones and threw back 5 or 6 keepers that were between 12 and 14 inches.  Shorty now has 3 good size ones, 13-15 incers onboard.  The bite seemed to slow around 1 and we hit a few other spots on the lake.  We headed back to where we stared the day around 215, figuring we’d fish the last 45 minutes there.  Shorty grabbed one as soon as we got there.  I needed one more good one to cull the last smaller one out.  At 250, with 1o minutes to go I landed a 17″, 2.86 pounder.

It was a great day for all.  Everyone weighed fish.  I finished 5th and I am still in 3rd place in the overall points.  Be sure to check out the Rod Jockys link, and don’t forget to check out the new Riverview web site (link on the top of this page).  Its a great site!

Big Bass

This past Saturday, April 28th., we had a tourney on Sampsons Pond in Carver.  It was a cold start to the day, when I left home at 445 it was 31.  The forecast was highs in the upper 50’s with a NE wind 17.  So I knew it was gonna be a cold one.  Got to the ramp and it was 38, warming up, there was no wind.  As we were waiting to go, Vern and I were watching some big fish chasing the bait fish just off the ramp.  I decided to check them out when I left.  I left 4th and went right over to them.  I threw a top water then switched to a rubber worm, no luck.  I decided to move around the corner into a small cove out of the wind, it was starting to blow.  Most of the guys were fishing the rocks in the middle, to cold for me, I already had my winter hat and gloves on.  I came across a cow sitting on a bed.  So, I started bed fishing, something I enjoy.  I fished for her for about 50 minutes, she wasn’t interested.  I was going through every lure in my boat.  I finally pissed her off and she grabbed.  She was a “biggen”.  I moved along the shore making casts.  Got 3 pickerel and 2 short Largies.  I came across another cow on a bed. I threw everything at her.  She would look at it and swim off.  I worked her for almost 2 hours, when I decided to leave her and come back later.  It was now about noon time, and the weigh in was at 3.  So I moved out to the rocks and shore line around them.  Had a few small Largies and a few good hits, but no keepers.  I moved back to that cow, hoping no one had grabber her.  She was there!  I made up some crazy rigs, something diffrent and tossed them at her.  I was starting to get her mad after 40 minutes or so.  I was even able to wrap her in the line and that really pissed her off.  She finally had enough of me and took the bait!  She was a hog.  It was now 230 time to find more, quick.  I started back towards the ramp, got a few more shorts and went to the weigh in with the 2.  George took 1st with 5 fish at 10.37 pounds, Vern took 2nd with 5 fish at 10.12 pounds and Teddy took 3rd with 5 fish at 9.69 pounds.  I finished 5th with 6.72 pounds and won Big Bass with a 3.88 Largie.

Check out the story and pictures on the Rod Jockyeys link on the top of the page.  Next tourney May 19th at Santuit!!!!!