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Had a few hours to do some fishing so I stayed local and went to Dennis Pond in Y-Port.  It was a nice warm day, in the 60’s with little wind.  I headed right out to the little cove on the south end and there were alot of beds with Largies sitting on them.  On the second cast, BAM!  A good size 2 pounder, the camera wasn’t behaving so no pic…….I stayed in the cove for about an hour trying to get them to bite from the beds, with no luck.  I moved into deeper water and caught 2 Largies noth under 2 lbs.  I then went back into the cove and worked on 3 beds with some good Largies on them.  I spent about 45 minutes working them with everything I had on the boat.  I was able to get 2 out of 3 of them, a 2.8 and a 4.6……….

Getting ready for the Rod Jockeys tourney on April 28th……..

Check out the 2 new links, RIVERVIEW BAIT AND TACKLE and, OFF THE HOOK FISHING.  Off the hook is a web site of a freind of mine, Roy Leyva, one of the best all around fisherman I have ever met!!!!!!

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