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2012 Has begun

This past Saturday, March 17th, the season begun.  YES, it was St. Patricks Day, and we were asking for some pints at the launch at 6:30 am.  We were at Great Herring Lake in Plymouth.  The forcast was for light NW winds and warming to the high 50’s.  It was in the lower 40’s, and overcast at the start, kinda chilly, we had 12 entries.  I had Charlie (Shorty) with me and we started at the far end of the lake.  We spent almost 2 hours up there with only me getting a pickrel and both of us having a few nibbles.  We then moved to a cove in the middle of the lake to fish the flats/ledges. NOTHING……..  Then we moved to a rocky point looking for some smallies.  We each had a few small hits, and Shorty finally hooked one.  A small largie.  We worked our way back down the lake, looking for anything.  The wind started picking up to about 12 out of the north, and the clouds were still there.  At around 1 o’clock we decided to move back to were we started.  The sun finnally broke around 230 and the fish started eating.  I ended up with 2 and Shorty landed one.  I finished 5th for the day.  Not a bad start to the season………..

The pictures are of: the start of the day, notice the overcast. BJ landing one, and he took 1st place, and of me at the weigh-in.

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