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Make a Wish

On October 19th, the day after Maeve’s 4th birthday, we went to Florida on a Make a Wish trip.  WOW is all we have to say.  It was Maeve, myself, Meggan and Maeve’s nurse Katie.  We stayed at a a great place called Give Kids the World.  A special place for wish children and families.  What a great place!!  All of the room, villas, are handicap accessable and so is the rest of the resort.  They have some real magical things there for the kids.  They even have a small pond for fishing, and yes I sent a few rod/reels down.  Both Meggan and I are still in awe of Give Kids the World and ALL the volunteers who give their time to these special kids.  I can go on and on about Give Kids the World.

I was able to get some fishing in.  I did catch a few, seems as they cull out the bigger Bass, all I was able to get was some rats, 10-14 inch.  But it was fun.  I was able to speak with alot of the folks who were there from around the world.  I met this one little guy named Ayden.  He was there with his family from Edmonton, Canada.  He watched me fish as I was talking with is Grandfather Tim.  Everytime I would bring my lure in he would ask  “got a fish?”.  I made a ton of cast, and with every retreive, I had to answer Ayden, “no, nothing this time”.  Finally, I got one,  Ayden was so excited.  Check out the picture of he and I with the big 10 incher.  The rest of the pictures are of us at Give Kids the World and Disney.  Enjoy, we did.

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