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Lucky 13

Well it has been done……..13 years ago My buddy Dan aka “Stick”was getting married.  I was his best man and incharge of the bacholor party.  We, me aka “Baby George”, Kevin aka “Stump”, Chris aka “Tank”, Scott aka “Grub” and Dave aka “Log”,  decided to take a trip out to western mass with 4 other guys to do some fishing.  Short story, it was a drunken blast.  I don’t remember if any of us caught a fish, but it was so fun, Stump (Sticks brother inlaw) vowed he will set it up for us the following year……..  Well it is now 13 years later and we did it, finally.

We ventured out to Upton Ma, Lake Maspenock. I could not find much info about this lake online, but what I did find were a few good fishing reports.  We left the Cape on Friday at noon.  Tank left his house in upstate NY in the morning.  We met up at Bass Pro Shops and started ourreunion off at the bar in Bass Pro.  We had only 1 or 2, then went shopping.  We made it to the house by 4 pm and launched the boats.  There was a water leak in the house so we didn’t get to fish right away ( I did, I could not wait).

Me and Stump and Stick and Tank hit the water around 5.  Grub stayed behind to try and fix the leak, thanks Grub! Stump and I were getting a bunch of hits but did not land any.  Stick sent me a text from the other side of the lake, and Tank had already landed a few, including an estimated 2+.  We returned to the house around 730.  We had dinner and with the lake and boats just steps away, we had to do some nigh fishing.  I fish til about 1 am and decided it was time for bed, big day in the morning.  I was up before the sun itching to go.  I finally got up around 530 and said screw it, I’m going.  I tip toed through the house not to wake anyone, and got underway.

I decided to fish the shallows close to the house to see if there were any Largies still feeding.  I fished the docks for about 2 hours.  I was lucky enough to find a 2.86 under a boat lift.  Just as I landed it Stump texted me and ask what was for breakfast,  I returned to the house to show off my biggun.  We had breakfast, and off we went.  I was landing shorties all day, and Stump was only landing sunfish.  We spoke with Grub and he told us of 2 Smallies he had landed.  Tank, of coarse was doing well, and Stick landed a decent Pike.  It was a great day on the water eventhough we didn’t get alot.  We got back to the house around 6 and went food shopping.  The guys all got steaks and I, hot dogs, what else… We started the charcol grill and made some good eats.  The guys wanted to watch the race and so did I, but with the lake right there I had to try my luck again.  I fished til about 11 and called it a night.

The next morning I was up and underway by 7.  I picked up Stump around 8 and we all decided to be back by noon so we can clean up and go home.  Stump again was killing the sunfish and I landed 2 keepers.  Tank and Stick did well too.

All in all we had a great weekend, and I HoPE it isn’t another 13 years before we do it again.

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