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Went today for a while……Johns Pond in Mashpee.  Was a nice day, 70+ north wind about 15 or so.  Did pretty well, caught a bunch of ratts and boated 3 over 14″.  I did have a chance to meet a rather interseting fellow in the cove where the canal runs into the back lake.  He was nice enough to through sticks toward me so his rather large german shepard chased them into the water.  I asked this nice fellow if he had a problem with me fishing his dock ( I was 30 feet or so from it).  He told me “yeah I do, you have 377 more acres to fish, get outof here”.  I continued to fish his dock and he continued to harrass me.  So I called him on it.  I told him that sportsman harrassment is against the law and he wanted to fight.  He called me over to his dock and said” I will show you about that” as he clenched his hammer in his hands.  I left the area so I didn’t do anything stupid.  I did get his registration # and his boat currently has an expired registration.  Oh well…………….he will get his!

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