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This week

This past week I had a few days off and took advantage!  On the 23rd I wnet to a lake I have never even seen, Peters Pond.  The day was hot, 85+ with light south west wind, 10 mph.  Being that I have never fished, nor read anything about fishing here, I was poking and hoping.  It was awhile before I got even a nibble.  Then I started hooking up with some small “rats”, 8-11 inchers.  Well atleast I knew there were some fish here.  Then, over in a corner I hooked up with a healthy 14″ 1.8 pounder.  I fished that area for awhile with no more bites.  Moved along the eastern shore, fished a few docks and grabbed another 12+” 1.4 pounds.  Around 11 or so it died off, and the search was on.  I fished most of the docks and laydowns on the northern end, and even went deep with no luck.  So I decided to move to the south end.  Same story there.  I was getting ready to call it with the 2 and decided to fish this long dock with a few boats on it.  First cast, between the dock and a boat I got a big hit.  Threw back immediately and WHAM!   Landed her, 17+” 3.9 pounds.  The picture I took is blurry because she was shaking all over and got the camera wet.  All in all not a bad few hours on Peters Pond.

On the 25th I was not sure where to go.  I ended up at Santuit Pond, always a good spot.  With hurricane Irene a few days away I was unsure what this would do to the fishing.  I arrived to find white caps with winds south west 20+ gusting to about 30.  So I headed out.  Hit the areas I usually get some lunkers from with no luck.  Then I headed to the stump pile and it was hard to keep the boat anywhere near it with the wind pushing me all over.  I fought the trolling motor for about 20 minutes and decided to move to some sheltered water.  I hit the south end and fishe the pads and lay downs with some luck.  But none of them were big, all under 12″.  I fished that area for another hour or so and moved to an area I have grabbed a few from in the past.  There were two guys on another boat fishing ahead of me.  I threw under the first dock and WHAM.  She was 15″ and 1.14 pounds. Not that big but she will keep.  When I caught her, one of the guys on the other boat seemed to be mad, as he was going for her, but they were fishing about 200 yards infront of me.  I proceeded to move around the cove 200-300 yards behind them.  I was catching up to them and did not want to crowd them so I decided to move around them to the next cove.  Not any docks, but alot of laydowns and grass beds.  I threw to a laydown with a grass bed just off it and grabbed another, 15+” 1.3 pounds.  I then moved up about 30 feet to another laydown with some pads and grabbed another, 17″ 2.6 pounds.  That was enought for me and called it.

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