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Oh Well

Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I last posted.  Things are well.  Maeve is doing well, she is getting big.  She finished “summer school” last week.  We have been busy.  Meg started part time, nights at CCH in the ER back in July, Maeve has been doing well with school and in her theropies, and I have been busy with work, Families for HoPE stuff and FISHING.  I am on the Conference committee for the 2012 Families for HoPE conference to be held in North Carolina next July.  I have been busy trying to raise money to help fund the conference.  One thing I am doing is, throughout the month of August I am selling the Fishing for HoPE t-shirts for $15 each.  Please help raise funds for this great conference.  Contact me at info@fishingforhope.org to get one of these really great shirts.  As for fishing, I have been all over SE Mass in the past month, trying new lakes.  I always seem to end up back here on the Cape.  Santuit Pond in Mashpee has been great.  Check out the pictures. 

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