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Now that the tourney has been cancelled, it is time to talk fishing. As most of you know I am doing local fresh water fishing tourneys to help raise money and awareness for HPE.  Over the past months, I have done 4 tourneys. 

  • April- Wequaket Lake in Barnstable…….Was with the Rod Jockeys,I did shitty.  The weather sucked SW wind about 25-30 and the water was cold.  It was a tough day for all. 
  • April- Long Pond Harwich,….my home lake.  With ABA Div.5,  Caught a binch of smallies…..none over 11 inches, finished with no fish.  Was a great day though.  Got to see a bunch of guys and a few asked abouth the tourney and HPE.  It was great to speak with alot of guys about HPE.
  • May-John’s Pond- Sandwich/Mashpee-  With the Rod Jockeys.   Good day.  I only caught one,  landed a buch of shorts.  The one I caught was big, 4.33 lbs. thought I may have the Big Bass of the day……but, BJ beat me by a few ounces.  I wish I had it, but to have some one like BJ beat me was an honor. 
  • June- Long Pond Harwich with the Rod Jockeys,  We all though we would be bed fishing but only a few were on beds.  I spent 7 hours bed fishing and an hour looking deep.  NOTHING! 

I have done spent a few other days on the water just practising.   One day Meggan and I went to Long Pond in Yarmouth.  It was fun caught a few from the trees, Meg was reading.  I asked if she wanted to fish and she said yes.  Big Mistake, she cuaght a monster.  So it was on.  I fired up the livewell and said that we will weigh them at the end.  I only caught one more fish.  We returned to the ramp and weighed them.  Megs fish weighed in at 2.6.  Pretty big fish for that small pond.  My was prett big too.  BUT not big enough!!!!!!!

The next two tourneys are night tourneys, 6 pm- 2am. I have never night fished.  All the guys say it is fun.  So I tried it.  I went to Dennis Pond, a small pond I usedto frequent with my small boat, always good fish there.   I left the house around 7 and started with a top water.  Holy crap, night fishing is fun.  Had a GREAT evening on the water, one of the best!!!!!  I cannot believe how awesome it was after sunset!!!!!  The cove to the south rocked!!!

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