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This blog has been created by Eddie Tierney, dad to Maeve Agnes, born 10/18/2007 with Holoprosencephaly, a rare brain malformation. I am an avid fresh water bass fisherman. I started doing local tournements with the American Bass Anglers division 5 in 2010 and the Rod Jockey's in 2011. I am married to Meggan, and we live in South Yarmouth, MA. Both Meggan and I are very involved in Maeve’s care. I am a member of the Board of Directors for Families for HoPE, an organization made up of the most incredible folks who are effected by Holoprosencephaly (HPE). Families for HoPE supports, encourages and educates those effected by HPE. In the coming years, any tournement that I win any money at, this money will be donated directly to Families for HoPE. If you want to learn more about HPE, please goto www.familiesforhope.org , or if you want to check out how Maeve is doing please goto http://www.carepages.com/carepages/MaeveAgnes/updates I will be updating the blog as I can. Please enjoy it and do check out my links. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at info@fishingforhope.org


Fishing for HoPE 2013 results

The day started off early, I left my house at 3:45 AM to pick up Vern and get to Sampsons Pond in Carver.  We had 16 boats say they will be there, but I was still uncertian if they will actually come.  As we pulled to the ramp at 4:45, there were boats already being launched!  We all met up at the Town Beach at 6 to get registration done, hand out t-shirts, and do a 50/50.  When all said and done we had 18 boats!  The weather was a crisp 46 degrees with a sustained NE wind about 18 kts. with heavy overcast skies.  It was COLD!  At 7 we started the tourney.  The bite was hit or miss.  I saw a few boats on the fish some landing some pigs, and others not landing much at all.  That was how Vern’s and my day was.  We had a tough bite, only getting some rats.  As the day progressed, the sun peaked out a few times.  At 1 Pm the festivities began on the beach.  We had a bouncy house, a bake sale, Moore Dog’s was there selling hotdogs and cheesburgers, MGC Bait and Tackle donated rods/reels and worms for the kids to have a fishing derby, a raffle with some great equipment and a live band that sounded awesome on the water.  It was nice to fish and hear live music in the distance.   The scale opened at 3 PM and the crowd on the beach really enjoyed the weigh-in. We had a total of 72 fish brought to the scale with a total of 135.86 pounds. Here are the results.

  1. Tom Webber/Mark Welch              16.50 lbs
  2. Pat Hannon/Scott Studley               13.35 lbs with the LUNKER of 5.88 lbs!
  3. George Smith/Russ Kleekamp       12.28 lbs
  4. Jay Guidaboni/Colin Walker            12.13 lbs
  5. Pete De Mayo/Ryan Kempton         12.06
  6. Dave Wojcik/Tom Butterfeild           9.32 lbs
  7. Matt “Z”/Steve Lavalle                       9.12 lbs
  8. Andrew Amaimo/Kevin Murray       8.92 lbs
  9. Deron Nicholas/Dave Hawkes          8.06 lbs
  10. Jimmy Riley/Charlie Lewis                 7.40 lbs
  11. Rick Farrar/Gerard Terril                   6.18 lbs
  12. Steve Ayala                                           5.97 lbs
  13. Steve Hall/Nathan Hall                       5.43 lbs
  14. Ed Tierney/Vern Santos                     4.75 lbs
  15. Scott Bernier/Barry Camara              4.39 lbs
  16. Chuck Hackett/Andrew Johnson
  17. Larry Ferreria/Al Medieros
  18. Jeff Marcotte/Anthony Danardi

The event was a success!  I’d like to thank all who helped put it together: Dave Wojcik, Tom Butterfeild, Mark Welch, Deron Lane Nicholas, Ryan Fontain, Jay Guidaboni, Neil Dootson AND our MC/Winner Tom Webber!  With out you guys this never would have happened. For more information on Holoprosencephaly, goto www.familiesforhope.org


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On October 13, 2013 there will be a benefit tourney at Sampsons Pond, Carver Ma.  The tourney will be raising money for Families for HoPE, Inc.,  a non profit group made up of parents who have children with Holoprosencephaly (HPE), a rare brain malformation. Tourney entry is $100 per team with an 80% payback!   Trophies for the top 4 teams and lunker, 50/50, fishing gear raffles, a country and western band, bouncy house for the kids, food and fun fishing for the kids.  The tournament starts at 7 Am and the public weigh in is at 1 PM. All participants will get a t-shirt.


For more info on HPE please go to www.familiesforhope.org.  Ed Tierney, a member of the Rod Jockeys daughter Maeve has HPE, and Families for HoPE has helped his family greatly over the past 6 years. 


For more info on Ed and Maeve go to www.fishingforhope.org.


For an entry form please email Deron at ltdbaits@gmail.com or Ed at info@fishingforhope.org.


Registration deadline is Monday October 6th.  So get those entry forms, checks and proof of insurance in ASAP.



Ok, here is an update……….The Long Pond Harwich tourney was cancelled an hour befor it ended.  It was a night tourney and the weather was crap.  Blowing 25-30 with storms getting close.  We started at 5 pm and agreed that if the storm moved in, we’d quit and try again at a later date.  Well, it was a tough bite most of the night.  Around 930 pm we started to see lightning, but nobody was ready to give up.  I was getting ready to throw the “kitchen sink” because I couldn’t even get a nibble.  Around 10 I grabbed a nice 3.84 smallie.  But the thunder and lightning was getting bad!  They called the tourney at 1045 and decided to just do “lunker” , no points.  I thought I had a chance with this decent smallie.  I pulled it out of the live well when one of the other guys laughed and said “mine eats yours for a snack”.  Well, he weighed a 5.33 Smallie, a COW!  So I have been doing some fun fishing locally and have been doing well.

On Labor Day Vern and I fished a Cran Bog Hogs team tourney at Tispaquin Lake in Middleboro.  We had to get there early, so we left at 3 am……… The morning was tough.  There was a storm moving close and thunder and lightning off in the distance.  Vern grabbed a nice 3.5 right of the bat.  Then the rain started.  I think we got 3 inches of rain in 2 hours.  As the rain slowed I grabbed a monster.  she was a 4.98 pounder at the scale, but she was bigger when we put her in the live well, she pucked up a bunch of food……  Vern then got another 4 +, and now we were in the game.  We kept waiting for the sun to come out to turn the bite on (and dry us off) but it never did.  We moved to the other side of the lake and Vern pulled out another 2.5 pounder.  I then grabbed a 4+ from the pads.  We moved back to where we started.  WVern got #5 that was tiny, a rat 1 pounder.  We grabbed a bunch more and culled a few times, but nothing of any decent size.  At hi noon, the guy fishing near us landed one of the biggest largies I have ever seen, but Vern was convinced ours was bigger.  At 1230 we headed to the scales.  We weighed 5 fish for 15.62 pounds.  Our lunker came in at 4.98, and we held on to both first place and lunker until the second to last boat weighed a 7.09 lunker.  Oh, well………Vern and I took 1st place overall!!!!!!!   We beat the second place boat by only a pound.  This is my first 1st place, and it was great.

Don’t forget that the Fishing for HoPE tourney is still on, October 13th at Sampsons in Carver.  I have posted a picture of what the t-shirt will look like.  The pictures from our first place are comming………..

Dennis Pnd Largie LP Yarm largie shirt LP Harwich 4# smallie

2013 Season

Well, this season is almost over………….It has been a tough year for me and fishing.  The first 2 tourneys, I got skunked!  Plus, Vern and I did the Easter Bunny Open back on Easter Saturday, and I was skunked there too……….Wequaket Lake, tourney #3 I did well, caught 5 and finished 4th.  Then came Long Pond Lakeville.  I caught a bunch, culled a few and came in 9th.  Last night, we fished Mashpee-Wakeby, a great lake, and I got skunked again.  I am holding strong in 9th overall with 2 tourneys left.  I HoPE to stay in the top 10!

On another note.  The Fishing for HoPE tourney is ON!  October 13th at Sampsons Pond in Carver MA.  There is now a group of 7 of us putting it together.  It is gonna be a good time for a great cause, Families for HoPE.  Stay tuned for updates on the tourney.Weq 5-13


AHH, thats a sigh…… Last weekend we had a Rod Jockey’s meeting and the Fishing for HoPE tourney was brought up.  Thankfully with the support of all the Rod Jockey’s,I am now putting together the Fishing for HoPE tournament to be held in the early fall of 2013.  This tourney is to raise money for Families for HoPE, and raise awarness of HoloProsEncephally (HPE).  I will keep everyone posted on this! 

I was looking at some of my older posts, and want to reshare a few things with all of you.  Please take a few minutes to check them out.  One is a news paper article from just before Maeves 4th birthday.  The second is a quick video that was made by Meggan for me on Fathers Day. Turn your volume up.


Disney Bound

2012 in review

Well…….sorry this took so long!!!!  The 2012 season was a lot of fun, I will recap it the best I can….

The season started on St. Patrick’s Day at Great Herring in Plymouth.  It was a cold windy day and I was able to finish 5th at a lake I had only fished once before.  The next tourney was at Sampsons in Plymouth at the end of April.  It was a bedding tourney and I wasted a lot of time on a few fish.  But I was able to take 5th again and I won Big Bass with a 3.88 pounder.  Then it was off to one of the best lakes on Cape (for me), Santuit in Mashpee in the middle of May.  Once again I took 5th.  I think 80% of the guys got a limit.  I had my limit within the first 2 ½ hours and culled the rest of the day.  After the tourney, I was in 3rd place in the overall standings!  In June we were at Johns Pond in Falmouth.  I wish I could do this one again.  I lost a decent fish because I got too excited.  I ended up the day in 7th, and moved to 4th overall……  I missed the July tourney for a good reason.  We went to Concord NC for the 2012 Families for HoPE conference. Missing the July tourney moved me into 5th overall only 4 points from 4th.  In August we fished Ashumet Pond in Falmouth, a night tourney.  I am still getting use to fishing in the dark of night.  I pulled 3rd place by catching a monster with an hour to go, a 4.08 pounder.  With this 3rd place finish, moved me back to 3rd overall and a chance to go to Western Mass to fish the club vs. club.  Me, Teddy, Vern and Russ made our way to the Oxbow (CT River) on Sept 7th to fish the club vs. club.  We spent that day pre fishing.  Vern was with me and we crushed them.  I have never caught so many fish in a 9 hour period.  The day was sunny and hot.  Between all of us we figured we figured this place out.  The next morning it was cool, overcast/rain and windy.  Vern and I head right to the spot we did very well less than 14 hours earlier.  It was a tough day to say the least.  The rain got heavier and the fishing got harder.  We ended the day with a limit and took 4th place.  It was a great experience!  At the end of September we were at Johns Pond.  It was a decent day.  I took 5th and moved to 5th in the overall standings.  The 2012 season ended at Great Herring…….This was a tough day for me!  I was only able to grab one fish at 3.36 pounds and dropped in the final standings to 6th.

All in all, this past year was a great fishing year for me.  Looking forward to 2013…………

G-H_3-2012_5thSampsons Big BassRJ-SantuitJohns 6-16


Long Time……

I know its been a while, but I have been busy.  Just after the tourney in June, I became very busy with work and Families for HoPE conference stuff, and getting ready to receive our new patrol boat.  SO…….I didn’t fish for over a month.

Me, Meggan, Maeve, my Mom, my Dad and Maeves nurse all went to NC in late July.  My Dad and I drove down on July 18 to help get ready for the conference.  Meggan, Maeve, my Mom and the nurse flew in on the 21st for the conference.  The 2012 Families for HoPE conference, “Sharing the HoPE in HoloProsEncephaly” was AWESOME!!!!!!!! We met a lot of family members we never met and was able to catch up with those we have met before.  It was truly both an honor and blessing to be involved with the conference.

My Dad and I returned on July 28th, and I flew out to Seattle to do training on the new boat.  The Department received a Home Land Security grant to purchase the 29′ SAFE Boat.  What a GREAT boat!!!

Now to fishing!!!!!!! After the June tourney I was in 4ht place overall, and missed the July tourney which moved me into 5th, 6 points out of 4th.  The top 4 after the August tourney go to the State “Club vs. Club” tourney in September.  So I needed to do good in August.  Last weekend the tourney was at Ashumet Pond in Falmouth, it was a night tourney 6pm-2am.  It had rained pretty much all day of the tourney, and at 6pm it was still overcast.  I started out at the only place I had caught fish in the past, and BJ was there too.  We spent about 20 minutes there with nothing for both of us.  I decided to run across the lake to fish the docks before it got to dark.  After a few casts I pulled a 2 pound smallie from the docks.  Not bad……..Then it got dark, and foggy.  The bite seemed to die off.  I moved around the lake trying to find even a nibble.  I went to the rock pile and got a huge hit.  I fished that area until about 10pm.  I went back to where I started and grabbed a 1.5 pound largie from a ledge.  So, it was now around 1130 and had 2.5 hours to get 3 more……My chances of making the top 4 were dwindling……..  I then decided to fish the trees along the same shore line.  Around 1250am I made a cast deep into the trees,and thought I would get hung up, then my line went tight and I felt the pull.  BOOM, 4+ pound largie, GAME ON!  I now have an hour to get 2 more.  One of the other guys who was in the race for the 4th position had been fishing the same area for hours, he was on the fish.  So I thought….  2 am came quick and I thought I was out……….I only had 3 fish……….First place went to Teddy with 5 fish 15.91, BJ took 2nd with 3 fish 8.22 and I took 3rd with 3 fish 7.91!!!!!!!  I am now in 3rd place in the overall standings and going to the “Club vs. Club” on September 8th at Oxbow in western Mass.  Rod Jockeys website  http://www.eteamz.com/RodJockeys/

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